A farewell message from Mr Avis to Year 6

A farewell message from Mr Avis to Year 6

A farewell message from Mr Avis to Year 6

PUBLISHED 06 July 2023

Dear Year 6

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be your class teacher this year! You brought your own blend of uniqueness to our school, and I look forward to seeing how each one of you will continue to flourish in the Senior School as you take the next step in your learning journey. It seems like only yesterday that I arrived at AKS and met you all for the first time as your music teacher! You were such a fun group of children to work with and it’s been a delight to watch your character grow, as well as your height!

Back in September when you joined 6A, I remember a few of you being reluctant to put yourselves out there, just in case you got it wrong - especially in my Maths lessons. I hope that after spending a year with me, those concerns have vanished, and you now understand that mistakes are good - it’s how we improve. Just pick yourself up, try again and remember to laugh if you can! Don’t worry if things don’t work out how you thought either, just try something else! In the words of Albert Einstein, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Whilst there is sadness in seeing you move on, I am very proud of you all, safe in the knowledge that you’re prepared for the next phase of your school career. So, here’s a very fond farewell to you all. Be kind, be brave and continue to embrace all that AKS has in store for you. Life’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself by following your passions and dreams. Never stop learning and you’ll never stop succeeding!

With very best wishes,

Mr Avis

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