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Design & Technology

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Design and Technology

Design and Technology is a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which allows students to explore the innovation behind the man-made world. 

Our curriculum is designed to promote ambition and interest in pursuing the subject at a higher level, providing the skills and inspiration to follow career path in, for example, Architecture, Engineering, Product Design, Fashion, Marketing and Carpentry, with many other directions being supported by the dispositions that this subject engenders. 

We cover a range of learning activities whilst exploring varied materials, tools and a host of practical tasks designed to inspire inventive minds. Ultimately, our study goal is to solve real problems linked with product design, and to appreciate, improve and contribute to the world around us. 

In the Lower School, Design and Technology students are encouraged to build their design confidence and to become independent inquirers in their own right. Then, in the Middle School, GCSE Design and Technology students develop their problem solving capabilities whilst managing their own projects. Students learn to understand the properties and limits of different materials, in order to widen their practical knowledge and personal interest. 

Each year the department hosts a selection of competitions, including external challenges against other schools. These enable students to put their ‘design and make’ skills into practice, and to be recognised and rewarded for their endeavours in school and beyond. 

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