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The History Department aims to ensure that all students develop skills of critical thinking, incisive analysis, effective oral and written argument, reading between the lines, essay writing and more. History is not simply a dry series of dates and events, but an ongoing process of investigation, analysis, selection, debate and writing. Teachers with a genuine passion for their subject bring History to life using a wide variety of teaching styles to help different students learn in different ways. 

History is one of the most popular option choices at KS4, highlighting the success of our KS3 programmes of study. This entails a study of British history from 1066 to the twentieth century, enabling students to build strong history skills and engage with rich sources which help to make history memorable. Study at Key Stage Three includes all aspects of political, economic and social history as well as consideration of Britain’s role in the wider world, for example through the consideration of empire and slavery. More recent trips and visits, designed to enhance learning, have included those to Tatton Park, Samlesbury Hall and Quarry Bank mill. 

At GCSE students study a theme of ‘Power and Politics’, from the Magna Carta to the Brixton Riots as well as learning about Elizabethan England, Germany 1890-1945 and the causes of the Second World War. Students develop skills of analysis and evaluating interpretations and source materials. Learning is supported by trips to First World War battlefields and Auschwitz. 

AKS historians develop valuable skills such as learning about people, countries, societies and cultures as well as how to locate and sift facts and present what they have learned in a way that makes sense to others and have the confidence to defend their findings. 

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