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In Learning2Learn, our students become more independent and reflective, and learn to approach their work with the right mindset and motivation. They build awareness, understanding and control of their thought processes, and to think critically about their learning. By exposing students to a range of different approaches to thinking, students cultivate a variety of potential thinking strategies for dealing with the challenges which lie ahead.

The first term of lessons in Year 7 looks at the ‘why of learning’, considering areas such as extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, comfort zones and self-belief, goal setting, growth mindset, the fear of failure, self-awareness and metacognition.

In Year 8, students develop a ‘learning toolkit’ of techniques that they can apply in their academic subjects. In addition, there is further study of brain anatomy and functioning, including the structure of neurons and how they transmit messages. Also featured is how to avoid ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ whilst studying, such as practising the Pomodoro technique to maximise concentration and improve learning, steering away from multi-tasking and risking incomplete memories being formed. In the self-development topic, we discuss the benefits of healthy eating, getting quality sleep regularly, and how it is essential to switch phones and gadgets off before bedtime, to ensure the brain is functioning at its best throughout each school day.

As one Year 7 student commented:

"The lessons are the highlight of my week. It is so informative and teaches me all about the learner I am. I understand now that we all learn differently. I have learnt about the different types of motivation and the positives of having a growth mindset. I understand the importance of reflection and that failure is all part of the learning process. We were challenged in the final week with The Marshmallow Challenge and I successfully built the tallest freestanding structure. To succeed, I showed inventiveness, tenacity and excellent communication skills." 

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