Scholarships at AKS Lytham School


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With our Scholarship Programme, we seek to recognise and reward individuals with passion, ambition and dedication in a particular area, and to provide rich and challenging opportunities within a thriving community of like-minded individuals.

Academic, Art (Year 12 only), Drama, Music and Sport Scholarships are available. These are awarded on the basis of school-based assessments and the track record of the individual, and are assessed with transparency, honesty and consistency. We expect an ongoing dedication to personal development and participation in the chosen field throughout the award-holder's time at AKS.

All Academic Scholars at AKS take part in the Academic Scholars Programme, which compromises of various events, seminars, mentoring opportunities and lectures that take place throughout the academic year. Dates and details are shared each year.

Students may apply for scholarships when transitioning into Year 7 and Year 12; at other points of entry, scholarships may be available at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Scholarships represent a reduction (up to the value of 20%) in annual fees, and are not dependent upon family income; nor are they negotiable. The number of scholarships is not fixed: we consider each candidate individually on their merits.

Further information about our Scholarships, including application procedures, is available from the Admissions Office.

Please also see our Admissions Policy

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