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Senior School

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Welcome to Senior School

At AKS, we feel a responsibility to enable our students to enter the world as compassionate, responsible and capable individuals, ready to make a difference and to thrive in a changing and challenging world. Our students are passionate inquirers; they are articulate communicators; they are effective team players ready to lead when the need arises.

In the Senior School, our students’ exceptional academic results (65% A*/A at A-level, 66% grades 9-7 at GCSE) mean that they are well-placed to take up places at leading universities in the UK and beyond. Their broad range of experiences, both within the classroom and without, mean that they are able to progress comfortably and with confidence to the next stages of their lives, with the capacity to look after themselves and others, and engage effectively with people in their communities, at university, in the workplace or elsewhere.

We offer a diverse range of sports, from the more traditional rugby, hockey, netball, football, athletics, cricket and tennis through to table tennis, basketball and many more. Our success is reflected through students playing at County and National level in numerous disciplines.

We have a remarkable tradition in Performing Arts, with an extensive range of instrumental teaching, and support for the LAMDA qualification, and performances ranging from smaller productions and concerts through to our sell-out shows at the Lowther Pavilion.

Kurt Hahn, whose thinking inspired the creation of the Round Square group, urged young people to remember that there is more in them than they know. This is always true, no matter what you experience or what you achieve. Our ambition for our students is that they, too, are ambitious: to succeed in their exams, on the sports pitches, on stage, or in a myriad of other arenas, because a fire has been lit for them. As we often say, in the Senior School our students achieve much more than As: there is so much to discover.

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27/01/2022 14:14

Our Bees 🐝 @AKSPrepSchool are looking at Elmer the elephant & colours! The children have created their own elephants using lots of materials to decorate. Outside they've been jumping on coloured circles for colour recognition & physical development. #Elmer #LearningThroughPlay



27/01/2022 11:36

Pupils in Y2 Art Club have been thinking about Space. They have created their own papers using Brusho and then used them to cut out planets. They also drew, coloured & cut out their own spaceships & added glitter which they enjoyed! @AKSPrepSchool



27/01/2022 11:18

Tonight's the night we've been waiting for! It's opening night for Oliver! at Lowther Pavilion. We're looking forward to seeing the dazzling talent of our @AKSDrama & @AKSLythamMusic departments. #BornToPerform #BreakALeg #OpeningNight #ProudOfOurStudents



26/01/2022 22:42

It's nearly here... just 1 more day...opening night is tomorrow!!! 4 months, over 200 hours, 18 songs, 70 students, 4 members of staff, one show - #OLIVER!

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