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Round Square

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Round Square

We are a member of Round Square, a network of leading schools across the world with an exceptional and holistic approach to character education.

The Round Square framework and philosophy is built around the six core ‘IDEALS’ (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, Service) and twelve ‘Discoveries’ – dispositions and skills that students will explore as part of their learning journeys. These enable individuals to develop as responsible citizens of the world, empowered to make a difference on both a local and a global scale. 

At AKS, Round Square is a fundamental part of our approach, from the youngest children in the Prep School right through to Year 13. We actively dive into the IDEALS and Discoveries, with an explicit focus at key points, and also through their development as part of our academic and wider curricula.

Inspired by the prescient thinking of the educationalist Kurt Hahn, whose ideas also led to the Duke of Edinburgh Award, AKS provides opportunities to engage in the international community, through collaborations with schools and groups across the world, as well as embracing the importance of service, and the value of challenge and adventure in every aspect of their school lives. 

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