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Dress Code

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Dress Code

Our Sixth Form students are both academically and professionally ambitious. Therefore, our Sixth Form dress code reflects the principles of dress for the job you want. Professional business attire is our expectation, because we want you to dress for your future success today.


  • Tailored suits. Colours as above.
  • Shirt: Suit shirt.
  • Jumper: Optional. Smart professional.
  • Tie: AKS Sixth Form tie.
  • Shoes: Smart office shoe.
  • Socks: Anything as long as it matches your suit.


  • Tailored suits, trousers or skirt or dress with tailored blazer
  • Colour: mid- dark colour with pattern, if preferred
  • Shirts or blouses:  any colour and covers the shoulders
  • Jumper: Optional. Smart
  • Tights: black, subtle patterns OK
  • Shoes: suitable for a work environment, practical and comfortable.
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