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Our philosophical approach to music is student-led and student-centred. We frame the curriculum around the interests of students. Key Stage 3 lessons involve the exploration of the elements of music, through exposure to a wide and varied number of musical genres as well as gaining practical skills on voice, keyboard, ukulele, and many more instruments. The curriculum builds a thorough understanding and appreciation for music so that students can naturally progress onto the Music GCSE. 

We have 10 talented visiting music teachers who provide one-to-one peripatetic lessons to students on every instrument. Students can choose to work toward accredited grades offered by a range of exam boards. 

We also have an extensive co-curricular music programme which offers a wide selection of ensembles and groups for students to join: Swing Band; Whole School Choir; Concert Band; Chamber Choir; and Key Stage 3 Singers, as well as smaller groups, such as: Percussion Group; String Group; Woodwind Ensemble; and Brass Ensemble. We produce at least four large-scale concerts a year, including a whole school musical performed at the Lowther Pavilion, as well as numerous smaller-scale events both in school and the wider community. 

During co-curricular rehearsals, we aim to embed crucial ensemble playing skills. Students sit next to staff and rehearse together, ensuring students receive a rounded and holistic experience of music-making. Students are also encouraged and supported to create their own ensembles and groups. 

Music at AKS offers diversity. Students can be involved in music on a weekly basis, in terms of performance, both in school and outside of school and performing at the highest level. Transferable skills that students develop through studying music are essential for the 21st century and help to ensure that they are well prepared for university and their future careers. 

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