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Religious Studies

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Religious Studies

Religious Studies is a topic that entices students to question, instruct, choose and debate through all kinds of issues including life, death, and faith. Philosophers have argued for thousands of years to consider ‘why we are here?’ and ‘who created creation’? Religious Studies is a subject where we can delve into these philosophical and ethical arguments and create our own understandings surrounding the ‘ultimate questions’. 

Religious Studies throughout Lower School allows for a high level of understanding of the Abrahamic Faiths, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. We also investigate, explore, and inquire topics such as cults and extreme modern movements, here students create presentations on modern beliefs such as Scientology.  

Here at AKS we follow the AQA RS syllabus, this gives a natural progression from Lower School and encourages deeper thought into modern day controversial issues such as capital punishment, organ donation and euthanasia.  

Some students want to continue their development through extra-curricula activities and the RS department currently runs the ‘Model United Nations’ and will be setting up ‘Young Philosophers Club’ after the Easter break.   

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