Senior School Sport


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Senior Sport

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it" - Michael Jordan. 

We create opportunities and individual pathways into participatory and competitive sport for all our students. We also seek to engender a lifelong love of physical activity that will allow people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our students are provided with a wide range of sports and activities, each one enabling them to experience both participation and competition through school representation.

The PE and Sports curriculum is structured in a way that develops our students’ performances within sport, but also their ability to understand, analyse and improve those performances. Students receive one PE lesson and two games lessons each week, and this is supplemented through a broad and balanced co-curricular programme.

We provide support and guidance for all students who wish to push themselves towards regional, national and international success. We currently have a number of students performing for GB and England in their chosen sport, and it is our intention to facilitate and enhance their performances to the level they need to be. This is done through our ‘Enhanced Sports Performance Programme’ (ESPP), which is designed to create the necessary support and guidance for such students. Offering a three-tier structure, our Tier 1 students receive one-to-one mentoring from a member of the Sports Department, alongside specialist workshops, guest speakers and hands-on strength and condition sessions, to which all other students have access. 

Competitive inter-school fixtures are played across the entire school year, including Saturday fixtures that are primarily dedicated to boys’ rugby, football and cricket and girls’ hockey, tennis and athletics.

Our department is made up of numerous highly-qualified and experienced teachers and coaches, each one specialising in one of the major sports played at AKS. Academic PE is taught by members of the department at GCSE and BTEC level, with each course covering a wide range of topics associated with sports performance. 

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