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Ethos & Aims

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Ethos and Aims

Our intention is that our students can pursue their passions, achieve their ambitions and, ultimately, develop the capacity and desire to change their worlds for the better for themselves and others, all within a happy, safe and exciting community.

Our education is holistic, providing a broad curriculum, and we consider a wide cocurricular offering, a focus on character education and the development of career knowledge and skills to be as important as our strong academic focus.

AKS is an ambitious school: we actively seek to ensure excellent outcomes for individuals with particular ability in academic, sporting, musical, dramatic and other areas according to their needs.

We are a community school, engaging in local and national communities, but we are also internationally-minded, linking with other schools and groups across the globe to help our students become responsible, compassionate and engaged citizens of the world.

We seek to be progressive, working to develop our practice and offering in ways that are future-facing, whilst maintaining the best of the traditional, cultivating the knowledge, skills and dispositions that future citizens will need.

We support initiatives to the benefit of others, embracing the wider AKS world and the community of alumni from our heritage schools.

We are inclusive, focusing on the wellbeing of all, and aim to ensure that the opportunities and superb outcomes that an AKS education provides are available to everyone who joins the school, whatever their background or ability. 

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