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Psychology is life! The science of the human mind and how the brain works is waiting to be discovered! Psychology is ultimately a helping discipline, and now, more than ever, we must learn to optimise our own mental health and help others to achieve wellbeing. Studying Psychology at A Level is a great place to start. 

In 2020 over 63,000 students in England studied A Level Psychology, making it the second most popular course to study. You will learn a lot about yourself, your personality, your experiences, as well as those of other people. Here, we use the AQA exam board for Psychology: key topics include Social Psychology (Asch’s conformity research, Milgram’s electric shock studies, Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment, the Suffragettes and other instigators of social change); Memory (capacity, duration, coding, processing, eyewitness testimony); Developmental (attachment behaviours, the Strange Situation, the work of John Bowlby, consequences of maternal deprivation and privation case studies); Psychopathology (clinical characteristics, causes, and treatments of mental disorders such as for OCD, depression, schizophrenia); Forensic Psychology (causes of criminal behaviour, key case studies and offender profiling); and Biopsychology (anatomy and physiology of the brain, brain scanning techniques such as EEG and fMRI, the nervous and endocrine systems and the stress response, the nature of the sleep cycle and circadian rhythms), as well as studying the influential theories of the mind such as the work of Freud, Rogers, Wundt, Pavlov, Skinner, Ellis, and Loftus.

Psychology teaching at AKS is discursive and continually informative: students are always encouraged to contribute their thoughts and collaborate, as well as independently research key theories, studies and models of the human mind. Many A Level students go on to study Psychology at university, and into Psychology-related careers such as Clinical, Forensic, Developmental, Educational, Sport, Cognitive Neuroscience,and Health specialisms. 

Our studies include collaborations with other schools across the world, such as Trivandrum International School in India, with students collaborating with their overseas peers on research projects that bridge Eastern and Western perspectives on the mind. 

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