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Art and Design

The Art Department is a friendly environment where all students are welcome to participate and encourage the best from themselves and each other. As a department, we are proud to be progressive and adaptive to the interests and needs of our students and the ever-changing and inspiring cultural landscape within which they are growing up. 

We aspire to make art and creativity accessible for all students, and encourage students to extend, explore and expand their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

We seek to inspire students by introducing them to artists, craftspeople, designers and movements in art, alongside a variety of art made across different time periods, cultures, and countries. Through this, we expand student knowledge and understanding by putting into context different periods of art history, looking to expand student thinking and challenge preconceived ideas, encouraging them to develop their own opinions, be able to justify these and broaden their own cultural capital.

In turn, we aim to enhance skills, both physical and analytical, so that our students are with confidence able to communicate concepts, experiences, ideas and feelings across a wide range of media.

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