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In the fast-changing world we live in, the study of Geography has never been more important, from understanding the physical processes that create and shape the land we live on, to appreciating and adapting to the geopolitical aspects and increasing impacts of globalisation that affect our daily lives. Geography is the subject that binds our knowledge of the world together, develops our skills to measure and map out our existence and enriches our understanding of our unique and fascinating planet.

The Geography Department encompasses highly experienced and dedicated teachers who are committed to sharing their enthusiasm for the subject. This is done through a mixture of fieldwork and well-resourced lessons which encourage students to think deeply about the contemporary world around them. 

Lower school Geography is based around the fundamentals of the subject and the necessary skills required to undertake appropriate study, at a local, national and global level. This is supported by cross curricular collaboration and learning outside the classroom, making the most of our coastal location and residential opportunities in our local National Parks, to further enhance our classroom-based learning. This provides an excellent foundation of the many aspects to geography that are then studied in greater depth at GCSE level. 

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