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Business Studies

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Business Studies

Business GCSE encourages students to think commercially and creatively about current issues facing real businesses. Students consider the role of production and operations, HR, finance and marketing as they react to changes in the external business environment and coordinate their actions, and recommend what different businesses would do to achieve their objectives. Through this, they seek to explain how changes in exchange rates, employment levels and other aspects of the economy affect businesses, as well as how the impact of rapidly-changing technology, and the effect of changes in law both at home and abroad, can impact a business’ operation. 

In order to develop a better understanding of real-world business, students take part in Virtual Trader, a share game where they can invest a virtual £100,000 into a balanced portfolio and trade. At the time of writing, one of our groups is currently top of the league, having made some shrewd investment choices.  

The range of skills students develop, and the breath of topics, gives students many options for future education and career paths. Business facilitates students’ study of Business or Economics in the future. There is also the opportunity for students to gain apprenticeships. Business is favoured by many educational providers as it links to many career paths and encompasses a wide range of topics from the real world. Popular career and educational paths from former students include Marketing, Accounting and HR, as well as Law, Media, Sport, Computing and ICT. These courses have a direct link to Business GCSE. 

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