Congratulations to all our Best in Everyone nominees

Congratulations to all our Best in Everyone nominees

Congratulations to all our Best in Everyone nominees

PUBLISHED 09 June 2022

In addition to celebrating the success of Alicia (Year 13), winner of the Best in Everyone national award for Music (Composition) and to Henry for winning the Best in Everyone national award for Music (Performance), we would like to congratulate all our nominees at AKS.

Oliver, Year 13 

Nominated for his outstanding performance as Fagin in Oliver 

Oliver is a wonderfully dedicated individual with a phenomenal passion and skill for performing. Throughout his time at AKS, he has frequently represented the Drama Department through a range of well-considered and truly entertaining performances. From Titus Andronicus to Fagin, from Ryan (High School Musical) to Britney Spears (We Will Rock You), no two performances are the same. However, what does connect these is Oliver’s unfaltering commitment and strive to create his best work. His most recent performance as Fagin was breath-taking and saw regular standing ovations and raucous rounds of applause, as well as several glowing reviews. 

“Oliver has been a tremendous asset to AKS Drama and his attitude as a performer and a student alike has truly inspired our next generation of thespians. His commitment to our co-curricular provision is exemplary and his many performances will be remembered as part of the school’s theatrical legacy.” Martha Worthington, Drama Co-curricular Coordinator


Miranda, Year 12

Miranda received two nominations, one for Excellence in German, the second, for Music Performance

Excellence in German  

Miranda is a talented Germanist, whose linguistic curiosity ensures that she takes genuine delight in discovering and mastering the grammatical and lexical pieces that make up the jigsaw of the German language. Miranda possesses an extensive repertoire of vocabulary, which she is eager to extend on a daily basis.  

“Gifted linguists are a rare breed and Germanists even rarer, which makes Miranda stand out amongst her contemporaries, past and present. Her commitment, enthusiasm, and determination to excel in German are an excellent example to other pupils at a time when take-up of languages nationally is of growing concern. She is highly deserving of recognition for everything that she does to fulfil her dream of becoming a fluent German speaker and sharing her passion with others.” Fiona Burnett, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Music Performance 

Miranda is an exceptionally talented performer, whose ability is well beyond that expected for students of her age. She is committed to her craft and works tirelessly to ensure she gives the best possible performances. Throughout her time at AKS, Miranda has been one of the most reliable members of the Music department, contributing to every possible performance engagement with enthusiasm and positivity. She is a true role model for younger members of the school choir, setting an aspirational level for them to achieve, but always happy to support those around her. 

“Miranda is an exceptional performer who has represented the school to the highest standard, with a natural musicality that she applies to all styles and contexts. Her performances as a lead in the school musicals have been ‘show-stopping’ in the truest sense, with audiences left astonished by her ability. Miranda is an asset to the Music Department at AKS and embodies the ethos and values of our school.” Michael Waterhouse, Director of Peroforming Arts


Meghna, Year 13 

Nominated for Excellence in Chemistry 

Meghna is an exceptional student of science and mathematics and her ability within the classroom is unparalleled. She reads ahead of every lesson, and nothing surprises her. She asks thoughtful and intelligent questions. She can quickly but accurately analyse even the most complex of tasks. The swiftness of her written answers is impressive; however, they also demonstrate acute attention to detail, with the ability to answer questions to a higher level than required. This highlights the extra reading around the subject that Meghna does. For example, she reads Biological Sciences Review and links it to concepts learnt in A-level biology. Meghna relishes the challenge that addition Olympiad questions bring and is resilient in her approach to them and she achieved Gold in the British Biology Olympiad 2021. In addition, she has also achieved Gold in the UKMT. Meghna goes out of her way to further her knowledge. For example, she recently completed a 10-week Duke University MOOC in Introductory Physiology.  

“Meghna’s passion, drive and determination in all of the scientific subjects is staggering. Her ability to continue to challenge herself, as well as teaching staff, when she is so comfortable with the material being taught is impressive. Her attention to detail, caring nature and work ethic will make her an outstanding doctor and well worthy of this nomination. She is a once every few years outstanding student.” Chris Jessop, Head of Chemistry


AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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