House Netball & Rugby Competitions at AKS round off an action packed term of sport.

House Netball & Rugby Competitions at AKS round off an action packed term of sport.

House Netball & Rugby Competitions at AKS round off an action packed term of sport.

PUBLISHED 18 December 2021

AKS celebrated the end of a very busy sporting term with the annual House Netball and Rugby competitions which gives every pupil an opportunity to play for their House team.

In the Touch Rugby the closest competition was in Year 8 which saw Gawthorpe pip Salmesbury to top spot by just 2 points with all matches being decided by the odd try. The Year 7 team from Salmesbury, Year 9 team from Leighton and Year 10 team from Gawthorpe proved too strong for their opposition winning all their games to finish in top spot in their year competition. After all the tournaments the final positions were close with Samlesbury being crowned overall champions with 41 points just ahead of Gawthorpe with 36.

The House Netball Championships was dominated by Leighton who played superb netball to finish in top spot in all year groups. The Year 10 competition was the closest with Leighton & Samlesbury finishing level on points after some closely fought matches but Leighton clinched top spot on goal difference to make it a clean sweep of first places. Overall there was some superb netball played by all players and what was most impressive was how all the girls contributed to the team performances and improved as the tournament progressed. After all the competitions Leighton were rightfully cronwed netball Champions with Samlesbury in runners-up spot.

Overall a fantastic effort from all participants throughout all the tournaments with all the points contributing to the house totals and congratulations to everyone and especially the winning Houses Leighton and Samlesbury.

Full results:-

House Rugby -  OVERALL WINNERS: Samlesbury

Year 7 1st Samlesbury  2nd Gawthorpe  3rd Rufford  4th Leighton

Year 8 1st Gawthorpe  2nd Samlesbury  3rd Rufford  4th Leighton

Year 9 1st Leighton  2nd Rufford  3rd Samlesbury 4th Gawthorpe

Year 10 1st Gawthorpe  2nd Samlesbury  3rd Rufford  4th Leighton

Total Score: Leighton – 18 Samlesbury – 41 Gawthorpe - 36 Rufford - 29

House Netball OVERALL WINNERS: Leighton

Year 7 1st Leighton 2nd Samlesbury  3rd Rufford  4th Gawthorpe

Year 8 1st Leighton  2nd Rufford3rd Gawthorpe  4th Samlesbury

Year 9 1st Leighton  2nd Samlesbury  3rd Rufford 4th Gawthorpe

Year 10 1st Leighton2nd Samlesbury  3rd Gawthorpe 4th Rufford

Total Score: Leighton – 53 Samlesbury – 33 Gawthorpe – 16 Rufford - 21

AUTHOR: Kay Hanham
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