Year 7 Evening of Inquiry Learning

Year 7 Evening of Inquiry Learning

Year 7 Evening of Inquiry Learning

PUBLISHED 23 May 2023

Last week we celebrated The Evening of Inquiry Learning where each one of our Year 7 students presented their very own academic poster about a topic that truly fascinates them. Students have worked hard since September in their Learning 2 Learn lessons with Mrs Culpan to ask, and then answer, some of the biggest questions showing just how curious a Year 7 mind can be. With questions such as: 

  • Ham the Astro-Chimp; Hero or Victim? 

  • Why is the Bermuda Triangle still a Mystery?  

  • How might Lego become more Eco-Friendly? 

  • Who Ruled the Skies in WWII? 

  • What made Nick Park a Household Name in Stop Motion Amination?  

  • Is Nature or Nurture Responsible for Psychopathy? 

  • What makes the London Underground so Special? 

  • How has Dolly Parton Remained Influential? 

You can, therefore, see that the topics span a plethora of different interests. The key was to firstly explore a whole range of different topics and eventually settle on an area of interest that would hold each student’s attention for the whole project. Some students decided to explore a topic they already knew something about; others found themselves on a new voyage of discovery. Either way, each student was encouraged to look at the topic somewhat differently and take the question they wanted to ask in a direction that challenged them to think way beyond what they already knew.  

Gaining an understanding of how to research and where to look for this research was key to the process that followed. It was important that several sources were found to back one viewpoint and then other sources were found to present the alternative. Students had to organise their thoughts and ideas and put them into an order that clearly answered the question they were asking; their own thoughts being added in the conclusion. All this, once drafted and re-drafted, became their academic poster with a fully referenced bibliography of sources and cite in-text references, not so dissimilar to what a student a lot older would normally be taught.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed, and learnt a considerable amount, from all the posters I have had the pleasure to read. We must remember, however, that whilst the poster celebrates their achievements and every student should be very proud of what they have achieved, it is the process itself that teaches us more about ourselves. This has not come easy; in fact, Year 7 students have been stretched and challenged at every stage of this process. It has required hard work and discipline, as well as a high level of attention to detail and accuracy. Students have grown to understand the high standards we expect of them and what can be achieved if they are only made to see their true potential. I am so very proud of all the students and know that this is only the start of developing their sense of inquiry. I look forward to seeing how each student develops further as they continue their AKS journey.  


Faye Marland, Assistant Head (Staff and Student Development) 


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