Senior Hockey Camp at AKS Lytham

AKS Senior Hockey Camp

AKS Senior Hockey Camp

PUBLISHED 09 August 2021

Our Senior Hockey Camp took place last week (Years 9-11), with Chris Simock from Fylde Hockey club who had previously put our junior players (Years 5-8) through their paces.

Chris explained, "the focus for the seniors has been to work on tactical elements of the game... working on decision making, leadership and teamwork", with Tom Bell, AKS coach noting, "it's been a fantastic experience for our students - it's been great to see them hone their skills in passing and receiving under pressure".

James D (Year 10), who has been selected to take part in the Regional Development Centre for the North West, reflected the views of the students in saying the experience had been "brilliant... it's been fantastic to have Chris coaching us".

The specialist hockey camps are being piloted this year with AKS students, but following the response and feedback we've already received, we'll look at extending our capacity to offer places to our wider community in future years.

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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