Vent host a Year 7 Friendship & Wellbeing Club

Vent host a Year 7 Friendship & Wellbeing Club

Vent host a Year 7 Friendship & Wellbeing Club

PUBLISHED 11 November 2022

Hi, I’m Keira and I’m one of the leaders of Vent.

Vent is a student-led mental health and wellbeing initiative that works closely with the pastoral team, helping students when maybe they don’t want to talk to a teacher. This year, I really wanted to encourage students to reach out more to the Vent team and show them that we’re here to help.

To help achieve this I made the Vent pamphlets that students or parents can take to find out more about us and organised a Lower School assembly. Both have clearly had a profound effect on students around the school as we’ve has lots more students come forward with all sorts of worries: from worrying about their friends, to struggling with schoolwork and even just wanting a chat.

I hope over the duration of this year and as a leader, I can help make Vent and help with mental health around the school even more accessible to everyone. To start with we’re hosting a Year 7 Friendship/Wellbeing Club to give students in Year 7 a chance to connect with one another and maybe somewhere to get away from the stress of school. We’re also in the process of ordering Vent badges just to make us even more identifiable. 

I want to ensure all students know that no problem is too small to be brought to Vent! 

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