Warm tributes to Barry Brelsford

Warm tributes to Barry Brelsford

Warm tributes to Barry Brelsford

PUBLISHED 20 September 2022

Barry Brelsford, a former Head of Mathematics at King Edward VII School, Lytham has died at the age of 80 following a short illness.

Mr Brelsford, a Mathematics Graduate from the University of Cambridge, took over the Maths Department from Hugh Arnott and ran a strong and flourishing department at KES during the 1990s. He also had the considerable and demanding responsibility of writing the School’s timetable each year.

Julian Wilde, former Head of King Edward’s School, remembers a man of acute intellect,“Barry was respected by his colleagues and students alike for the sharpness of his mind: he loved to tackle the intricacies of Mathematics and the annual jigsaw puzzle of putting together a complex timetable”.

In his youth Barry Brelsford was a keen player of lacrosse and badminton. He was a regular supporter of the concerts of the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in Preston, but his principal leisure enthusiasm was always for contract bridge.

After his retirement in 1997 he became the Vice Chairman, Chairman and then the Secretary of the Lancashire Contract Bridge Association and was President of the Lytham Bridge Club in Pembroke Road, as well as being a Trustee at Fairhaven Methodist Church.

In recent years he was the devoted carer for his long-time companion Jacqueline Wright.

Barry Brelsford’s funeral will be at 1.00pm on Friday 23 August at Fairhaven Methodist Church on Woodlands Road, followed by cremation at Lytham Crematorium at 2.00pm

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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