AKS Has Got Talent

AKS Has Got Talent

AKS Has Got Talent

PUBLISHED 07 July 2022

The atmosphere in the Prep School Hall was electric for the final of AKS Has Got Talent, with contestants from Years 3 to 6 taking to the stage in front of an appreciative audience. The event was organised by the Round Square Leadership Ambassadors, Lauren and Nicole with the support of Mrs Cole. The judges were Mr Brown, Senior School Co-ordinator of Music and Miss Crean, our Performing Arts Intern.

The diversity, passion and confidence of all the performers amazed the judges. Sienna in Year 3 opened the show with a showstopping performance of ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, before we were treated to a gymnastic performance by Maisie and Darcy. Emily then sang ‘Stop’ by the Spice Girls, which had the audience clapping and swaying along with her.

Grace and Arabella from Year 4 gave a reading of Grace’s gripping story, ‘Behind the Curtain’, with accompanying graphics created by Arabella. Penny was accompanied by Emily and Poppy who sang the backing track for her gymnastics display which included one-handed cartwheels and backwards somersaults.

Rupert and Archie opened the Year 5 acts, with a duet (piano/voice) of ‘Happy’ and brightly coloured t-shirts to match. Miss Crean commented how Rupert was a ‘double-threat’, given his ability to sing and play the piano at the same time, whilst Archie danced and sang the main vocal. Isaac and Joe then took to the stage to perform ‘Beat It’, this time on the piano/guitar/voice. Mr Brown commended them on their outfits and keeping in time with one another, gaining a positive response from the audience who were dancing and singing along. Alyssa received high praise from Miss Crean for her crab ‘walking upside down’ in her gymnastics display, as well as being able to seamlessly move from cartwheel into the splits. Sadie then impressed with an Ed Sheeran vocal, with Mr Brown noting her ‘clear vocals and infectious energy’.

Joseph in Year 6 commanded the room with his stand-up comedy routine, with Miss Crean commending him for his ‘mature humour and impressions’. Finally, Freddie astounded the audience with his song containing the names of all the countries on the planet, which Mr Brown noted was like ‘a giant tongue-twister’, as the music sped up, he had to sing faster and faster to get through them all!

Mrs Ilhan, Mrs Jackson and Vicky were swaying enthusiastically to the music and the Prep pupils clapped and cheered for their friends. Mrs Ilhan closed the programme by thanking the Leadership Ambassadors, judges, performers and audience, and asked Mrs Cole whether we could do it all again next year.

The final prizes were awarded as follows:

Year 3 and 4 runners-up – Grace and Arabella

Year 3 and 4 winner - Sienna

Year 5 and 6 runners-up – Joseph

Year 5 and 6 winners – Rupert and Archie

Overall winner – Alyssa (Year 5)

Congratulations to all who took part!

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Prep School
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