Prep School Summer Concert

Prep School Summer Concert

Prep School Summer Concert

PUBLISHED 29 June 2022

Hot on the heels of our winning performances at Lytham Club Day, pupils from Years 1 to 6 performed to a packed audience in the Prep School Hall for their Summer Concert. We were also delighted to welcome Governor Helen Lucking, whose daughter AKS alumna, Jenny, is studying Music at Leeds University.

Many performers were so young that their feet barely touched the ground from the piano stool, including William from Year 3 used a peddle extender for his piece, nDcvr Agent.

Other notable performances were from Will in Year 5 who performed confidently on the clarinet after only having peripatetic lessons for a term. Will first took up the instrument with his class as part our music programme funded by our PTA, then decided to continue after taking to it so well. Our second clarinettist of the evening was Isaac, also in Year 5, who played later in the programme.

‘The two Siennas’ in Year 2 formed a great partnership when they played The Sea and Elephant’s Waltz together on the piano, alongside Mrs Stevens. In addition to a raft of pianists, we enjoyed drum solos from Kaitlyn (Year 3), who performed her own composition, as well as Brody (Year 5) and Reuben (Year 6). Eli (Year 6) and Brody played guitar and bass, with Freddie (Year 5) and Emma (Year 6) playing the violin. Jasmine (Year 6) played the flute, whereas James, Violet and Evie played a piece on the cornet penned by our very own music maestro, Mr Thomas.

Over fifty musicians performed in total, reflecting the passion for music across Prep School. Pupils can take up instruments at any point in their school careers, for example, Alyssa (Year 5) started the piano this year and will commence singing lessons next year.

Click here if you would like to find out more about our Performing Arts pathway and email if your child would like to start a new instrument or singing lessons next year.

Dates for your diary (all welcome):

  • 30th June, 7pm, Senior School Summer Concert (featuring the Prep School choir). Tickets £5. Purchase here.
  • 4th July, 7pm, Facebook and 7.30pm YouTube, Fantastic Mr Fox virtual performance (students from Years 7 to 9)
AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Prep School
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