Year 5 residential at Castlehead

Year 5 residential at Castlehead

Year 5 residential at Castlehead

PUBLISHED 24 June 2022

Earlier this month Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic four day residential trip to Castlehead.

Day 1

The children came into school filled with excitement and some nerves; this being their first-ever residential, completely understandable! The coach arrived at half-past nine and after some goodbyes and pictures for parents, we departed to travel up the M6 to Grange-Over-Sands. Once we arrived, we had a little tour of the beautiful grounds and tucked into our packed lunch on the lawns before heading up to our rooms. The first activity of the day, probably the toughest, fitting bedding. After a few pillows put in duvet covers and fitted sheets wrapped around duvets, the children worked together to figure out how to make their beds! Next, it was time to change for the activities ahead.

Group 1s first activity was a sea traverse walk. Hiked up a hill/cliff to look out over Morecambe Bay. Could see across to Heysham power station. We found some special stones that when wet would create a red dye. Pretty much drew blood from a stone. Next, we free climbed/bouldered down a small cliff face to the beach. Once on the beach, we got to see firsthand how ‘quicksand’ works. To finish the first activity, we traversed across the low cliff face with a game of floor is lava.

The evening activity for group 1 was the obstacle course. Children had to work in teams to complete a variety of challenges, culminating with a mass group attempt at the challenge wall - which all the children worked together to overcome a high wall.

Group 2s first activity was team challenges in the grounds of Castle Head - everyone had to squeeze through the bungee, roll a marble down an ever-changing pathway of pipes and complete the tower of Hanoi problem - great Teamwork and tenacity on display.

The evening activity for group 2 was nightline. The children identified footprints and got a taste of being a nocturnal animal by completing the nightlife course with a blindfold on!

The day finished with a big sing-along of Happy Birthday for Katie and some delicious cake. Roll on Day 2.

Day 2

Day 2 started with a beautiful American pancake breakfast, with toast and a variety of cereals. Next came children making their own sandwiches/wraps for their lunches. At 10, we began our long walk as a whole year. We walked up from Castlehead and through a small village of Lindale, into the fields of the Lake District National Park. We explored different woodlands and grasslands, discussing animals that lived in each of the habitats and the importance of both. We walked for two and a half hours before stopping at the top of a hill for dinner; looking out across the rest of Lancashire/Cumbria whilst tucking into a child-made packed lunch.

The evening activities saw a switch around of last night's activities, with group 1 completing the night line and group 2 completing the obstacle course. Group 1 worked together in order to identify various animals from their footprints and got the chance to see a badger hole and learnt about how they create their homes. Group 2 went through a variety of challenges in order to complete a course.

Day 3

Day 3 began with all the children having a well-rested night and a good 9 hours of sleep minimum. Breakfast consisted of boiled eggs, beans, toast, yogurts and a variety of cereals. Then came the preparation of lunch. The previous day was a barrel of laughs as the children had a mix match of sandwiches, whereas Day 3 saw them working as a well-oiled machine. Subway would be jealous of the sandwich production line!

Group 1s morning activity saw the low ropes and team challenge around them. The children had to work in groups to transport 3 cups full of water without spilling any. Safe to say, water was spilt! After that, we went to have a look at a rare species of cave spider that are now living in what used to be the ice house of the original house. We finished off the morning's activity with some fun team games and challenges. Games consisted of splat, bat and moth, meg challenge!

Group 2 went to the coast to partake in the sea level traverse. The children bouldered across a low cliff face along the beach, playing a game of ‘the floor is lava.’ The children then hunted for bloodstones and discussed how the tide comes in so quickly. A short hike up a hill allowed for excellent views across Lancashire and Cumbria; could even see parts of the Fylde in the distance.

The afternoon activity saw all the children working to create a raft. The children were in their activity groups and worked together to create a raft to accommodate 10/11 people. After some deliberation of the best way to build the raft, the children learnt to tie different knots in order to keep the components of the raft together. Once assembled, it was time to get into the water. Both groups successfully managed to create a raft that floated, thankfully! A few races entailed and other games on the water, lots of fun had by all!

The evening activity saw the children gather around a campfire for a reflection of the week. After some discussions about their favourite parts of the week and what we have learned, it was time for hot chocolate, marshmallows, and story time.

Day 4

The final day. The day started with making sure that all bags were packed, beds stripped, and ready for the final activity. Once the bags were stored in the common room, it was time for a cooked breakfast to fill us up ready to battle Jacob’s ladder and the high ropes.

After breakfast, it was time to make sandwiches again and this time it was a very quick affair compared to the first days attempt at sandwich making.

The final morning activity saw the children working around the high ropes and Jacob’s ladder. The children worked together to anchor the climbers and support them as they climbed. One group was working on Jacob’s ladder, in which the rungs got progressively further apart, requiring the children to work together to lift each other up to the next level. The other group were working on a single climbing pole attempting to get two people to the top together.

Once the activity was over, it was back to the house for dinner and a play in the common room and on the fields before the coach picked us up.

This was a truly fantastic residential and wonderful experience for both pupils and staff.

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