AKS awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools

AKS awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools

AKS awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools

PUBLISHED 18 May 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the 'Wellbeing for Schools Award' (WAS), following a review of our pastoral practices, culture and feedback from members of our community, including staff, students and parents.

Extracts from the report include:

"AKS Lytham Independent School is such a welcoming, positive and happy school, where everyone is cared for, valued, listened to, respected, nurtured and encouraged; staff have worked tirelessly to ensure school is a safe haven for all pupils and are a credit to the school. Outstanding leadership is a key factor in understanding the success of the school in promoting emotional wellbeing and mental health as core to the whole school community. The autonomous style, financial investment, skills, commitment, and approach of the Headmaster, SLT, Change Team, Wellbeing Ambassadors and all staff has created innovative ways of working and a seamless and consistent, welcoming, non-judgemental, happy, caring, compassionate, empathetic, respectful, inclusive, supportive, safe, fun, positive, engaging, creative and aspirational culture and ethos...."

"... Significant investment in people, the environment, provision of a broad curriculum, outstanding range of co-curricular activities, clubs and events, staffing, pupils as leaders, outstanding change team, wellbeing ambassadors and pastoral care, including formal and informal referral and support systems, and in provision and monitoring of interventions, including effective use of CPOM’s, was apparent during the school verification and in the school strategic improvement plan, wellbeing strategy, policies, action plans and agendas. The award process also highlighted the multiple examples of outstanding 'wellbeing' practice. Many of these have a major impact on the whole school and wider community..."

"...The school understands the importance of valuing each other, working as a collective team, promoting positivity, building resilience, supporting and looking after the whole school and wider communities’ mental health and wellbeing. This ensures that pupils feel heard, safe, secure, happy and confident, which in turn promotes engagement in learning and impacts positively on their educational attainment, whilst developing empathetic, passionate and responsible citizens who will be successful in their future careers..."

It is fantastic that the culture of the school has been recognised, as well as the individuals who have been central to creating the framework of support that we all benefit from.

Congratulations to our whole school community.

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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