Coastal Birds Felt Making Day

Coastal Birds Felt Making Day

Coastal Birds Felt Making Day

PUBLISHED 28 April 2022

Once again we have to thank the PTA for the wonderful opportunity to learn the creative skill of Felt Making in Preparatory School.

This week was the turn of Year 6 who learnt how to use sheep's wool and how to change it into felt.

The children began by making a white mat of wool pieces which they then covered in another layer of wool to represent a background of sea and sand. Once the background was complete the children used more wool to create their chosen coastal bird.

During the afternoon, the children added water to their fleece pieces and then worked together to roll, turn and compress the pictures changing the loose layers into solid felt.

The process is not quite finished however as Mrs Gill Ferguson, our visiting artist, needs to wash each piece carefully and roll one more time with boiling water to ensure the felt is fully bonded.
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