Poetry by Heart - Year 7 House Competition 2022

Poetry by Heart - Year 7 House Competition 2022

Poetry by Heart - Year 7 House Competition 2022

PUBLISHED 10 March 2022

AKS Drama Studio was delighted to welcome back that well-loved March favourite, the Year 7 ‘Poetry by Heart’ competition, scheduled, as always, to loosely coincided with World Book Day activities and involving all pupils from this year group in the process. It was great to be back in situ without a mask in sight!

Twelve finalists graced the event and delivered the usual diverse, lively blend of poems, both those from the past (like Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’) and more recent offerings (such as Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’). House loyalty was, as is the norm on these occasions, to the fore; all competitors gave a fair account of themselves and the judging of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places was decidedly tough.

Everyone in Year 7 is to be commended for their effort, good humour, supportive spirit and willingness to participate, especially our finalists this year; they had to find it within themselves to be both brave enough to not only recite poetry in front of their peers, but also to satisfy the judging criteria spelt out to them before proceedings got underway. Whatever the judges were after was, it appears, definitely satisfied. For the first time ever – and this event has run for some seven or eight years now – our winner this year scored full marks, with our runner-up dropping just the one. This must be what returning to the Drama Studio does for the sense of performance!

The final outcome this year was as follows:

Ava H - 1st

Lila N - 2nd

Finlay L, Anika R, Sam B - 3rd=

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