Year 10 House Event - Hardspell

Year 10 House Event - Hardspell

Year 10 House Event - Hardspell

PUBLISHED 25 November 2021

The inaugural Year 10 version of this well-established AKS competition took place during the third week of November. Leighton faced-off against Rufford in one semi-final duel, whilst Samlesbury confronted Gawthorpe in the other; fierce spelling frenzy then generated Friday’s final pairing of Rufford and Samlesbury, with the latter emerging as winners.

Year 10, who had asked for this event to be put into the calendar following their Year 9 Summer Term competition, proved more than a match for some particularly tough vocabulary: polyunsaturated, macabre, schmaltz, misspell and sacrilegious all met their match during the course of combat. Participants are to be commended for their spelling skill, the air of spirited competition, willingness to be involved, and tenacity – well done to all Houses and thanks, too, to the intrigued members of the daily audiences for attending and for helping create three super lunchtime occasions.

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