The AKS 2.6 Sparkle Challenge

The AKS 2.6 Sparkle Challenge

The AKS 2.6 Sparkle Challenge

PUBLISHED 04 June 2020

Urgent fundraising for the Sparkle Foundation in Malawi

Next week is ‘Sparkle Week’ and we are inviting AKS families to participate in the AKS 2.6 Sparkle Challenge.

The AKS 2.6 Sparkle Challenge is a chance for you and your family to be Sparkle Heroes and raise funds from your own home, garden or local area. You can choose your own challenge within the Government guidelines on how to keep safe during this timeThe main thing is to have fun and pledge whatever you can to help raise funds for The Sparkle Foundation; by raising just £5 you could feed one child for a week! Thank you for being a Sparkle Hero! If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Grant; - and here's how to sparkle ...

STEP 1 - Decide on your 2.6 Challenge

This is a challenge for all ages and abilities. You just need to think of any activity based around the numbers 26 (the number of miles in a marathon) or 2.6 that suits your skills.  You could make it school related, perhaps learn your 26 times tables, Sparkle related and do 26 cartwheels in sparkly fancy dress, sports related and run 2.6 kms or for 26 minutes and more.  Once you’ve chosen your challenge, find people to sponsor you!

Here are some more challenge ideas:

STEP 2 – Complete you Challenge

Complete your AKS 2.6 Sparkle Challenge at any point during Sparkle Week, the week commencing the 8th June. Make sure you take videos and photos so that we can share what we have been doing and with the AKS community and The Sparkle Foundation!

STEP 3 – Donate

Once you have completed your challenge donate the funds you have raised to the AKS 2.6 Sparkle Challenge Just Giving Page. You can share this page with any friends and family who are sponsoring you.


AKS has been a proud partner of the Sparkle Foundation for over 5 years, which is when we first heard of the tremendous charity work alumni Sarah Brook was doing in Malawi. The Sparkle Foundation needs our help now more than ever, so that they can continue to support the community, which includes some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the world. Sadly, like many other Sparkle supporters, we have had to cancel the fundraising events planned for this term, but there are other ways we can raise funds. We would like to invite the AKS community to take part in the AKS 2.6 Sparkle Challenge.

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