Prep School Academic Curriculum - AKS Lytham - Independent School

Academic Curriculum

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Through a range of formal and creative learning opportunities, we challenge our children whilst supporting them. We work with them to increase their confidence, resilience and ability to solve problems, to work co-operatively as part of a group, and to tackle their challenges independently.

Our limited class sizes ensure that it is possible to know the children so well that we can provide the incremental steps which build success in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect for children at every level of learning. We value a partnership with parents in order to make this learning even more effective. Mistakes are seen as a valuable part of learning and help to build a healthy growth mindset approach, which encourages exploration and self-direction.

Testing is used as a progress marker and is a natural part of the learning cycle which children are used to. As they progress through the Prep School, the children are introduced to a gradually-increasing number of expert specialist staff, which encourages confidence alongside the benefits of specialist teaching.

We supplement traditional teaching with opportunities beyond the classroom, through Round Square opportunities, student leadership activities and diverse academic, sporting, musical and fun clubs to join in addition to visitors and trips. Throughout these experiences, children are encouraged to reflect on their progress and become increasingly responsible for their own learning, armed to face the ever-changing demands of the world around them.

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