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Design & Technology

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Design & Technology

As Maya Angelou observes: "You can’t use up creativity – the more you use, the more you have!".

Our curriculum encompasses food technology, mechanisms, textiles and structures. Projects are lively and varied - you may see the Year 4 children sharing their pop-up books with the Nursery, or Year 2 putting on a show with their own animal puppets. Older children use Computer-Aided Design and visit the Design Technology laboratory in the Senior School, with marketing and product presentation becoming more important.   

Children learn the design process: investigating existing products, exploring how they are made and who they are suitable for; practicing skills, learning how to use tools successfully and safety rules. As the children grow, the tools they use become more sophisticated – from their own fingers to hack saws, craft knives and glue guns. Designing their product is the next part of the story, paying attention to who will use it – are they designing a toy for their baby brother, or a fairground ride for thrill-seeking adults?

Then comes the 'making' part, putting their skills into action to produce the best product they can. Finally, the children are encouraged to reflect on what they have made and suggest improvements. Our projects enable the children to build tenacity, experience of learning by doing, without fear of mistakes. This subject enables us to nurture creativity, sowing the seeds that will inspire the designers and engineers of the future.

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