Reception - Independent School - Lytham St Annes


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With expert teaching and a high teacher-child ratio, development is rapid, whether this is academically, personally, socially or emotionally. With consistent parameters, high expectations and effective role models, children feel safe and begin to manage their feelings and their behaviour.

Fine and gross motor skills are taught and practised, using pencils, paintbrushes, and scissors; as well as riding a bike and striking a ball. Children learn to listen carefully, how to express themselves, and to extend their concentration span. Introducing a second language capitalises on the developmental window for accelerated learning. They begin to read words and write short sentences, extending their vocabulary through songs, recognising numbers and practising writing in sand and glitter. They build their understanding of the world around them by discussing meaningful people and events and exploring the great outdoors.

We give children encouragement to build their own opinions, think creatively and connect ideas. These foundations support the development of critical thinking, a competency for life.

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