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Religious Studies

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Inclusion & Diversity, including Religious Education

We recognise all our children as individuals and value the diversity of racial and cultural heritage within our school community. We feel it is important to value and make visible not only the cultures represented within our community, but those that are not currently represented, and we do this in a proactive way. We teach our children to respect other cultures and faiths and regularly give them opportunities to discuss how beliefs and values can be applied to a range of issues in our global society.  

The pupils in our school develop a strong spiritual and moral ethos and learn to be respectful of others and their beliefs, in line with the Round Square philosophy.

Our Religious Education lessons encourage pupils to discover, explore and question religious topics in local, national, and global contexts. We study Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism, through a range of topics linked to the different faiths, alongside an understanding of non-religious approaches to life.

At the end of the Infants curriculum, most children can make links between beliefs, stories and practices. By the end of Year 6, our pupils can describe and understand links between religious stories and other aspects of the communities they are investigating. They respond thoughtfully to a range of sources about different beliefs and teachings. We have developed cross-curricular links to RE and the other subjects we teach.  

We have a range of faith visitors from different religions visit our school and the children have trips in each year group to explore places of worship. At AKS Lytham, the children are continually learning about religions and from religions. 

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