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The day-to-day business at AKS is supported by six wellbeing habits.

1. Be Rested: achieve good quality sleep each night, with a regular routine. 

2. Be Healthy: make your diet balanced, nutritious and healthy (with regular mealtimes and including breakfast), and drink plenty of water each day (avoiding sugary drinks). 

3. Be Mindful: protect some quiet time each day to think about what you have achieved so far, what you want to achieve next, why, and how to do it. 

4. Be Productive: focus your attention appropriately, take responsibility, make things happen, and avoid any distractions or time-wasting temptations that do nothing to help you or other people. 

5. Be Social: take the time to listen to other people, talk with them face to face, and contribute usefully to the community around you. 

6. Be Positive: know your strengths, see any mistakes or failures as something to learn from, look for the good in situations and people, and make each moment of each day the best you can for yourself and others. 

These habits help provide clarity, guidance and an opportunity for reflection for each pupil, and help to ensure that they are most able to look after themselves and others at school and beyond. 

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