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Award-winning lunches

Nursery and Infant children are served lunch in the Prep School hall and from Year 3 they go to the Senior School where lunch stations are arranged in a self-service format. Our Pavilion Cafe is open after school and during fixtures at weekends for parents and families.

Our catering service is provided by Lexington Independents which offers an appetising, nutritious and balanced menu which is designed to encourage children to enjoy food.

All items on our menu are freshly cooked in our school kitchens to ensure that it is fresh and nutritious food whilst minimising salt and sugar, no undesirable additives or artificial trans fats are used, all dietary and cultural requirements can be met, suppliers adhere to all appropriate food safety standards and catering staff receive appropriate training in fresh produce.

The diverse menus are designed to suit all tastes and are based on feedback from pupils, staff, the catering team, parents and guardians. They run on a three-week menu cycle which changes twice a year.

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