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Modern Foreign Languages

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Modern Foreign Languages

Our curriculum enables the pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in French, German and Spanish as well as exposing them to new ways of experiencing and viewing the world around us.  

We focus on developing an interest in language-learning, building confidence and creative skills through the exploration of other languages to stimulate their curiosity about language. We help children develop their awareness of cultural differences within our own country and other countries, to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and lay the foundations for future language-learning in Senior School and beyond.   

Children learn to engage in conversation, to ask and answer questions, and express opinions. When speaking in short sentences and using familiar vocabulary and basic language structures, they develop accurate pronunciation and intonation. They are able to read carefully, showing understanding of words, phrases and simple writing. 

The children learn to appreciate traditional stories, songs, poems, and rhymes in all three languages, and they develop their literacy skills further through the introduction of new vocabulary and through using a dictionary. In addition, they develop basic grammatical knowledge including, where relevant, feminine, masculine and neuter forms, the conjugation of high frequency verbs, key features and patterns of the languages studied.    

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