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Performing Arts

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Performing Arts

We are passionate about developing a love for Music and Drama, singing proudly and confidently, and inspiring the next creative generation. With an abundance of performance opportunities, excellent teachers and a fun and engaging curriculum, we have the perfect environment to inspire creativity. 

In Music, singing is a strong foundation throughout the Prep School and is brought together during a weekly singing assembly. The sense of community and ‘one voice’ in this ensemble is showcased in regular concerts throughout the year.

In Drama, we work on expression through monologues, creating freeze frames and showing emotion through our facial expressions. Our efforts throughout the year culminate in the form of an Infants’ Christmas play, and a Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 musical show. Our musicals allow all students to develop confidence performing in front of a large audience and gives them the vital performance experience needed to grow their acting ability.  

Whilst the younger children concentrate on playing percussion instruments, the junior-aged pupils learn a musical instrument as a whole class, studying violin, trombone, clarinet and flute. This forms our other weekly ensemble of a Giant Orchestra featuring over 80 musicians. This early exposure to being part of a large musical group inspires the children to practise and to develop their musicality.

Listening and appraising skills are built into our music lessons, learning about new styles, cultures and looking at some of our favourite music. This helps us to use and understand musical terms and we nurture a keen ear to recognise different instruments. There is also the chance to learn any instrument with our wide variety of visiting peripatetic teachers, who give lessons during the school day.  

Throughout the year, our pupils have many opportunities to collaborate with the Senior School students in concerts and especially in the Carol Concert at Christmas.

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07/07/2022 21:21

Congratulations to all the children in Years 1 to 6 in @AKSPrepSchool who were awarded certificates for their individual strengths at this year's Prize Giving. Read report and see photos online now:


02/07/2022 23:34

What a day for the relaunch of TT Rockstars at @AKSPrepSchool! The sun was shining on our very own mini-rockstars this morning - read more here & see our #RockStars #PhotoGallery.



02/07/2022 23:33

What a day for all our KS2 Athletes 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ at our @AKSPrepSchool Sports Day 2022. New records set,🥇galore & so many pupils achieve their best across all events #weareTEAMAKS Congratulations to winning house Gawthorpe 🏆💚 & to our Year Group Champions 🥇 @AKSSchool @AKSSport



30/06/2022 12:56

We are looking forward to our PTA's annual Summer Festival - Sunday 3rd July. We would love you to join - please bring family and friends this is sure to be a wonderful afternoon. This is a whole community event - everyone is welcome! @AKSPrepSchool @LythamLifeStyle

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