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Transition to Prep

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Transition to Prep School

There is a seamless transition from Pre-School to Reception, with familiar processes maintained from Nursery into Prep-School.

This includes being welcomed by the Head at the front door each morning, the Reception classroom and bathrooms being adjacent to Pre-School, and the continuation of lessons by our specialist Music, Modern Foreign Language and PE teachers.

Our Early Years Coordinator works alongside the Reception teachers and the Pre-School staff to ensure continuity and progression of every child’s learning.

External children and their families are invited to our Transition sessions alongside those moving from Pre-School, with visits from the Reception staff to the Pre-School and by the Pre-School children to the Reception classrooms.

In addition, we hold parent meetings to introduce the transition process, share Prep-School induction information and answer any questions. Our Prep School Parent Handbook, which covers an A-Z of what to expect in Prep School, is also provided.

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