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Computer Science

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Computer Science

Our Computer Science curriculum covers both the use of computers, and the techical knowledge and issues surround information technology.

We focus on digital literacy, building confidence in handling both hardware and software, developing an understanding of safety and security online and becoming competent and responsible users of technology.

The children learn to manipulate and present the written word, images and sounds to convey a message effectively. They learn how to store information, retrieve and then present it in ways that enhance interpretation and analysis, and begin to understand the role of computing encountered in daily life to monitor and control events and equipment.

We also explore the technicalities of Computer Science: pupils work to understand and applying fundamental principles and concepts  including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation. They analyse problems in computational terms, and build practical experience of writing computer programs. More broadly, pupils evaluate and apply information technology, whether it is new or unfamiliar, to solve problems using their skills and knowledge in an analytical fashion.

Pupils apply their skills and knowledge to their learning in other areas of the curriculum, and develop their language and communication skills throughout. They explore their attitudes towards computing and its value to them and society in general. We develop their online presentation skills and teach the children how to edit their own video content.

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