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Why do fish live in the sea? How are rocks formed? Where has the ice gone from my drink? Which material will be strong enough to support my structure? Is there actually cheese on the moon? Have we actually evolved from monkeys? We examine all of these questions, and many more, within our Science lessons.  

We explore interdisciplinary ideas, whether that be through graph work after collecting data, developing an appreciation of how nutrition can impact upon physical health or understanding the link with vibrations and music. Science is about making these connections and creating an awareness from a young age of the life-changing impact that Science has, now more than ever.

We actively encourage children to investigate, explore and question ideas by providing opportunities to work scientifically through classification, observation, research, pattern seeking and fair tests. These skills are engrained throughout the topics and allow multiple experiments to be conducted each for topic.  

We provide age-appropriate knowledge and understanding of the different areas of science, in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We follow the National Curriculum but are not bound to it. This provides even more opportunities for us to develop the children’s scientific knowledge.

Our local area provides us with multiple habitats such as the beach, woodlands as well as our very own AKS garden and pond for us to explore. Sharing a site with the Senior School allows us to make use of our laboratories and equipment to really bring Science alive and give the children a taste for what to expect when they move up from the Prep School.

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