£100,000 of Virtual Share Trading for students!

£100,000 of Virtual Share Trading for students!

£100,000 of Virtual Share Trading for students!

PUBLISHED 13 November 2020

What a success!

As part of the academic enrichment in the Business Education department all students are given £100,000 to buy and trade virtual shares. We have several teams and leagues running now, most interestingly the share league the students created before the first lockdown. AKS students showed savvy knowledge by buying shares in Just Eat, Ocado and the supermarkets. As a result, the Business Studies students are holding first position in the country, having invested over a million and enjoying a current return of 19.58%. Notable highlights in Year 11 are Dan, Charlie, Theo and Harry all making over 25% gain so far.  


The prize for this group must go to Year 13 student Frank (a profit of £42,000 if he sells). The shrewd investor, with lockdown looming, bought shares in a balanced portfolio, gambled by buying cheap stock in Easyjet, then to prove the stock market is a game of chance bought shares in Flutter Entertainment as he’d never heard of the company. Some brief research revealed this to be the owners of Foxy Bingo and Coral and share price has increased 155% since March. 


The Year 10 group have showed similar enthusiasm, their competitive nature has seen fierce trading and many students opting to create new portfolios and apply their newfound knowledge. This combined with the hugely positive news of a potentially successful vaccine has led to Lucy (pic below) making average returns of £2000 per day. Indeed, during her lesson on Tuesday her portfolio increased in value by £25 per minute. This is especially pleasing as she had recognised that BP and Shell were priced at historically low levels and were expected to grow in the future.  


Graeme McIntyre 

Head of Business Education

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