Leighton crowned House Cross Country Champions

Leighton crowned House Cross Country Champions

Leighton crowned House Cross Country Champions

PUBLISHED 21 November 2020

At this difficult time with most competitive sport impossible AKS has continued to provide sporting opportunities for all pupils throughout the school both during curriculum lessons and in practices at lunchtimes and after school. Following strict Covid protocols at all times activities have had to be adapted but have provided pupils with that essential energy release to enhance both their physical and mental well being.

Although inter-school matches have not been possible this term challenges have been set for all pupils and last week it was an opportunity for all to get back into the competitive spirit in the school Inter House Cross Country Competition.

The week saw every pupil, boys and girls, in Year 7 – 10 tackle the two lap course around the school playing fields and a fantastic effort saw over 250 pupils complete the course to earn valuable points towards their House total.

The Year 10 age group saw the highest number of competitors finish the course and impressive front running displays from Maddison B and Jeremy N saw them crowned Champions.  Maddison was followed in second place by Amelie L whilst Olivia M  edged out Zara F for 3rd with Beth R 5th. In the boys race the top 5 positions were 2nd Thomas O’H 3rd John M 4th Harvey M and 5th Noah M.

The closest race of the day was in the Year 8 girls race with Layla W and Lisa P neck and neck around the two laps but it was Layla who hit the tape in top spot just 3 seconds ahead of Lisa. Laura A 3rd, Lucy W 4th and Lucy T completed the top 5 places. Jonathon W won the Year 8 boys race closely followed by Alfie K, Harry J ,Angus C and Rory U.

The Year 7 pupils were experiencing their first inter house competition and impressive runs from Sophia M and Joe A saw them win their respective races and be crowned House Champion for the first time. In the boys race Xavier D was runner-up with Jack H, Ethan B, and Oliver S adding valuable points to their House total. Poppy M followed Sophia home in 2nd place in the girls race with 3rd going to Hannah A 4th Charlotte L  and 5th Lucy W.

Only 4 seconds separated the top two places in the Year 9 boys race with Leyton C just finishing ahead of Oliver T with Finnian R 3rd Daniel M 4th and Toby C 5th. Charlotte T saw all her fitness training during lockdown pay off as she won the Year 9 girls race ahead of Libby C, Jessica A , Sophie F and Holly B.

Overall it was a superb week of hard work and determination and all the pupils are congratulated on their tremendous effort and spirit.  In the final reckoning the House Competition was very close with just 8 points between the top 3 houses. Leighton were crowned Champions with 182 points just 4 ahead of 2nd place Samlesbury 178 and  Gawthorpe in 3rd with 174 points.

Individual Positions

Year 7 Boys:  1st Joe A (16.01) Gawthorpe 2nd Xavier D (16.20) Samlesbury 3rd Jack H (17.06) Rufford 4th Ethan B (17.20) Leighton 5th Oliver S (18.47) Samlesbury

Year 7 Girls: 1st Sophia M(16.52) Leighton 2nd Poppy M(17.48) Samlesbury 3rd Hannah A(17.59) Leighton 4th Charlotte L(18.23) Rufford 5th Lucy W(18.52) Samlesbury

Year 8 Boys: 1st Jonathon W (14.36) Gawthorpe 2nd Alfie K(14.49) Leighton 3rd Harry J (15.53) Samlesbury 4th Angus C (15.59) Gawthorpe 5th Rory U      (16.21) Gawthorpe

Year 8 Girls: 1st Layla W (16.26) Gawthorpe 2nd Lisa P (16.29) Leighton 3rd Laura A Samlesbury 4th Lucy W Leighton 5th Lucy T (19.53) Samlesbury

Year 9 Boys: 1st Leyton C (14.41) Samlesbury 2nd Oliver T (14.45) Samlesbury 3rd Finnian R (15.09) Samlesbury 4th Daniel M (15.15) Gawthorpe 5th Toby C (15.25) Samlesbury

Year 9 Girls: 1st Charlotte T (16.23) Leighton 2nd Libby C (16.40) Leighton 3rd Jessica A (17.25) Samlesbury 4th Sophie F (17.31) Leighton 5th Holly B (17.48) Leighton

Year 10 Boys: 1st Jeremy N (12.45) Gawthorpe 2nd Thomas O’H (13.20) Leighton 3rd John M (13.21) Samlesbury 4th Harvey M (13.26) Gawthorpe 5th Noah M (13.28) Gawthorpe

Year 10 Girls: 1st Maddison B(14.35) Gawthorpe 2nd Amelie L (15.05) Gawthorpe 3rd Olivia M (18.26) Leighton 4th Zara F(18.29) Leighton 5th Beth R(18.31) Leighton

Year Positions

Year 7: 1st – Samlesbury 2nd - Leighton 3rd - Rufford 4th – Gawthorpe

Year 8: 1st - Gawthorpe 2nd - Leighton 3rd - Samlesbury 4th – Rufford

Year 9: 1st - Samlesbury 2nd - Leighton 3rd - Gawthorpe 4th – Rufford

Year 10: 1st - Gawthorpe 2nd - Leighton 3rd - Samlesbury 4th - Rufford

Overall House Positions

1st Leighton – 182  2nd Samlesbury 178 3rd Gawthorpe-174 4th Rufford-110

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