The New VENT Ambassadors

The New VENT Ambassadors

The New VENT Ambassadors

PUBLISHED 30 November 2020

Who are we?

Hi, I’m Keira. I decided to join VENT to help students lower down the school who struggled with the same problems I did. I want to help others find their vent so that when they go home, they are able to separate their own time from school time and relax.

Hi, I’m Muskaan. I joined VENT as I was inspired by the amazing work done by the previous leaders. I believe VENT is an extremely important system to have, especially in the current circumstances – students need to be able to express and share their thoughts and feelings wherever and whenever.

Hi, I’m Meghna. I joined VENT because I wanted to raise awareness about mental health as it is often overlooked. It has been difficult for all of us to adapt to the fast-paced nature of school life after staying at home for so long - if you’re feeling overwhelmed, VENT is here to help!

Hi, I’m Charlotte. Now that I am in Sixth Form and have developed the skills and knowledge throughout the years, I want to help others make the most of their time at AKS. I think VENT is an amazing initiative because ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

Hi, I’m Lucy. I know how daunting it can be speaking to teachers, and that's the great thing about VENT: students help students in different year groups, enabling us to support one another as a school.


So, what is VENT?

VENT is what it says – it is a safe space where our ambassadors are here to listen to you vent your concerns, no matter how big or small they may be! Whether you’re worried about school, or just need a listening ear, we are available on email and social media to support you.

VENT was set up by alumni, who have handed the reins to us. We aim to make VENT grow as an initiative in the hope that it becomes an integral part of pastoral care, enabling us to reach out to any student who may be struggling.

If you want to learn more about VENT, here is a link to our assembly on VENT:


What is mental health and why is it important?

The dictionary defines mental health as “a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being”, but it is so much more. Mental health can shape the way we view our lives, and can even have an influence on our physical health. So why is it that when our mental health is suffering, we don’t seek help? If a person broke their leg, seeking medical help seems common-sense; yet, when a person feels depressed, they suffer in silence? Mental health is not an after-thought: it’s just as much a priority as physical health or any other aspect of our lives, so we must stop putting mental health on the backburner.


How can you contact us?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and lockdown rules, we are unable to meet face-to-face indoors. However, there are other ways to get in touch with us.

We are available on:

- Email:

- Instagram: vent_aks

If you don’t want to contact us directly, you can speak to your form tutor or head of year, and they can direct your concerns anonymously to us.

If you do contact us, we promise to respect your privacy and will only pass on essential information to relevant members of staff if necessary.

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