March update from our Development Office

March update from our Development Office

March update from our Development Office

PUBLISHED 14 March 2024

It's been another busy, but productive term for our Development Office. The latest update from Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Sarah Walton, sets the context for the work, the Change Their World campaign, fundraising walk and how connecting with our alumni is benefiting the students of today and tomorrow.

The history of bursaries at our school

The heritage schools of AKS - Arnold School, King Edward VII School, Queen Mary School, and KEQMS—historically, provided educational opportunities for talented children in the area through government-funded initiatives like the Direct Grant Scheme (1945-1976) and the Assisted Places Scheme (1981-1997). However, since the abolition of these schemes, there has been a void in supporting talented, local children without the financial means for a quality education with a free place at AKS. Hence, the schools new charity, the AKS Lytham Foundation was established in May 2023 to fill this gap and provide life-changing opportunities through fully funded educational bursaries. 

Current bursarial support 

Every child deserves equal opportunities to thrive, regardless of their circumstances and we have always endeavoured to support bursaries. Currently, out of the 809 pupils at AKS, over 40 students receive means-tested bursarial support. However, only 14 students benefit from bursaries covering over 75% of school fees, and no bursaries currently cover additional expenses beyond tuition. Recognising this gap, the AKS Lytham Foundation is dedicated to providing life-changing opportunities to talented young people through fully funded transformational bursaries from Senior School through to Sixth Form. 

Our mission is simple: to provide life changing opportunities for young people who, in turn, will go on to change the lives of others. 

Join Us for the Change Their World Walk! 

To further raise awareness and support for our bursary appeal, we invite you to participate in the Change Their World Walk on Sunday, April 28th. This 5 or 10-mile sponsored walk from AKS Lytham to Blackpool and back is open to everyone! It's an excellent opportunity for AKS students, parents, alumni, and supporters to come together and demonstrate their commitment to our cause. Register and find more details here.

During a recent Senior School and Sixth Form assembly, Sarah Walton, Director of Development, shared insights with students into the Change Their World Campaign's goals, including our aim to fund 10 transformational bursaries. Our Sixth Form Foundation Ambassadors, Priyanka R and Libby C, also spoke passionately about how the campaign will broaden access to AKS and positively impact the lives of local children. 

Careers Events 

This is a huge area of interest for the alumni who are now becoming recognised within the school as a key source of support to further enrich the schools careers programme. Events delivered this term include:- 

  • An Audience with Notable Alumnus Simon Brailsford for Sixth Form Students. Read more here 

  • Meet the Professionals February Session – delivered by Old Arnoldian Simon Boynton for students from Year 10 onwards. Read more here 

  • Meet the Professionals March Session – delivered by Old Lidunian, Ian Tottman for Year 9 students. Read more here 

  • An Audience with Notable Alumnus Andrew Mackenzie-Bettie for Sixth Form Students 


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