Euan featured by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Euan featured by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Euan featured by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust

PUBLISHED 09 August 2023

Euan (Year 13 from September) has been recognised as 'Generation Sea' by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust for his environmental conservation work as part of their Youth Council.

He was described as, " active member of our Youth Council and has helped out with dune conservation efforts, participated in The Shark Trust's Great Eggcase Hunt and regularly represents young people's opinions on the environment!"

He's had a busy summer, firstly designing and delivering Bird Identification Workshops at the Manchester Festival of Nature and then conducting a Citizen Science Marine Survey for National Marine Week.

In addition to making a valuable contribution to the Trust, his other environmental work has included initiatives in conjunction with Park View, the Fylde Sand Dune Project, and as a key member of AKS' Eco Committee. Together, these experiences are widening and deepening his understanding of the field. He explained, "After my A-levels I would like to focus on sustainable development. Currently I plan to study Biochemistry and take that into working with agrochemicals and plants. I hope to work on forms of sustainable food development without putting stress on the planet's biodiversity."

It's fantastic to hear how our students pursue their passions and achieve their ambitions so that they can ultimately change their worlds. Well done Euan!


AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Sixth Form
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