Year 7 geography residential to Ingleton

Year 7 geography residential to Ingleton

Year 7 geography residential to Ingleton

PUBLISHED 06 July 2023

Despite the weather conditions being decidedly cooler and wetter than the preceding weeks, the Year 7 geography residential has once again been a great success. The Year 7 students have spent three days in the Yorkshire Dales, based around the small market town of Ingleton. Here they have undertaken a series of activities and exercises that have built on the geographical knowledge and understanding they have built up throughout their academic lessons during the year.

The students have benefitted from first-hand experiences in gathering geographical information through a survey of the River Barkin, a tributary of the River Lune in the beautiful Barbondale valley, and a study of the impact tourism has played in Ingleton’s recent past. Both activities have allowed students to gain new geographical skills in collecting and analysing data from real-world situations.

As part of the Lower School programme of study in geography the students study the processes and landform associated with rivers. Walking around the waterfalls walk to Thornton Force and back through Beezley Falls meant the students could fully appreciate the power of water in creating and modifying the landscape. At least this year, the wet weather meant there was some water flowing over the falls.

The students also undertook a wet and muddy caving expedition into Yordas Cave in the Kingsdale Valley. After studying geology earlier in the year, this is an excellent opportunity for the students to appreciate the raw beauty of limestone features found deep underground. Allowing the students to explore part of the cave system themselves led to many accepting the challenging of fitting through the ‘super squeeze’ and standing underneath a powerful waterfall, with even the Headmaster accepting the latter challenge!

There is also a brief trip to Ribblehead Viaduct to see the source of the River Ribble before it wends its way slowly but forcefully downstream until it flows into the sea past school. Together with a swimming session in the outdoor heated pool in Ingleton, it is a busy but enjoyable trip.

Throughout the week the students have built and enhanced their friendships, challenged themselves and supported others in achieving their own challenges and in many cases achieved more than they thought possible.

I would like to thank the accompanying staff for giving so freely of their time to ensure this trip is the success it is, and I look forward to returning this beautiful part of the world next year.

Mr O’Loughli

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