Backstage at Blood Brothers by Ava H, Year 8

Backstage at Blood Brothers by Ava H, Year 8

Backstage at Blood Brothers by Ava H, Year 8

PUBLISHED 28 November 2022

Ava H in Year 8 recently went to see a touring production of Willy Russel’s hit musical, Blood Brothers. Whilst there Ava had the opportunity to go backstage, meet the cast and explore the set.  

This is what Ava has to say about her wonderful experience: 

“I recently was given the opportunity to go and watch Blood Brothers with some members of my family (some of which had previously been in the show themselves!). I even got to see the set and go backstage and talk with all the cast. I absolutely adored the show - the acting was outstanding. I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage! The performance is brilliant because it takes you through a real rollercoaster of emotions. It had my laughing, crying and every emotion between. Going backstage was a fabulous experience, seeing how the set works, where all the props are kept and where all the quick changes were done. Speaking with the cast on their experience with this play was truly fascinating- learning how they do it all was great. It made me even more excited to return to Lowther Pavilion Theatre for our upcoming performance of Chicago!” 

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