COP 27 in the Prep School

COP 27 in the Prep School

COP 27 in the Prep School

PUBLISHED 14 November 2022

COP 27 arrived in Year 6 last week with the children learning the vital importance of this international conference being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt this month. The children are very much aware of how important it is we come together collectively across the world to achieve climate goals in-line with the Paris Agreement, reducing global greenhouse gas emissions to limit the global temperature increase this century to 2 degrees Celsius.

Over the next half-term, the children will be addressing many key issues being discussed at the conference such as climate finance, adaption to climate change, and loss and damage. We have been talking about the future effects of global climate change such as more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought in some regions alongside an increase in the duration and intensity of tropical storms.

With temperatures soaring in the UK this summer, the children are increasingly aware of why climate action must be radically scaled up to avoid catastrophic consequences in the future. Listening to the classroom discussions this week, it’s assuring to know how much our children value our planet and how important they understand the need to preserve it for future generations.

Year 6 will be investigating a wide range of topics to include, including renewable energy, global emissions, deforestation, manufacturing, production, and transportation to name a few. Already last week, the children raised some very pertinent questions such as can climate change be reversed; what people, animals, and countries are most at risk due to climate change; and what renewable energy sources should we be investing in.

Following on from our recent Round Square Conference ‘Take less – Be More’ the children will be investigating how we can save energy, reduce waste, and generally consume less. Shortly before Christmas, the children will share their findings by delivering presentations to their peers organised by the International Committee. As last year, we will be looking forward to listening to their solutions on a local, national, and global level and sending these pledges to our local MP to make a difference and help ‘change our world’ for the better.

Well done Year 6!

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