Gold Duke of Edinburgh - student report

Gold Duke of Edinburgh - student report

Gold Duke of Edinburgh - student report

PUBLISHED 04 October 2022

I have completed both Bronze and Sliver DofE awards in my time at AKS, none of the expeditions have been as challenging as Gold or as rewarding. The expedition took place near the border of the Scottish Highlands and we walked about 80 kilometres. 9 of us went on the expedition, splitting into two groups, the green group and the blue group. It was difficult to adjust to the new terrain, the constant swarms of midges, the camping out in the wild and the forever changing weather.  

Overall, the expedition was fun and enjoyable despite the challenges we had to overcome, I have gained many new skills, such as teamwork, tenacity and patience, and many memories. I recommend DofE Gold to any students considering it, it is hard work but is a life changing experience. We would also like to thank all the teachers that helped with the expedition, Mr Riches, Mr O’Loughlin, Mr Winterflood and Mrs Winterflood. Here's what my peers had to say about their experiences:

‘It was challenging but also exciting, it definitely tested my perseverance.’ Grace  

‘DofE was a fantastic experience, it taught us many different skills, and I would encourage all pupils to take on this rewarding challenge.’ Ben B 

‘It taught me to think on my feet and how to work better as a team.’ Ben C 

‘It heavily improved my teamwork skills as I had to adapt to the needs of the group.' Charlie 

Liberty, Year 13

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Sixth Form
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